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Experienced Shearers WANTED for Main Shear!!
November 2021 through till April 2022

What's important to us, is you thinking we are the best place to work

What we do for you...

Safety First

We look after our crew so everyone goes home safe.

A focus on Safety

See here to see our page on Safety.

We do some industry leading things like breath testing van divers daily and earplugs in the sheds. 

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We train our teams all year round.

Annual Training Courses 

1. Learner Course (Oct)

2. Novice & Experienced Course (Nov/Dec)

Ongoing In-Shed Training

We endeavor to have In-Shed training every Main Shear (Dec>Feb).

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Fed well, work well. Pretty simple.

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Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

We're known for our high quality of food & nutrition to staff.

When you're working, we do the fuel! This includes:

  • Free Cooked Breakfast - Mon | Wed | Fri

  • Free Continental Breakfast - Tue | Thus | Sat | Sun

  • Free Daytime Food - Lunch & Smokos 

  • $13 Evening Meal


  • We transport you to and from work free of charge in our well maintained fleet of vans.


Good safe vehicles.


Great bases in both Taumarunui & Taihape.



We pay fairly and above NZSCA standard rates.


We run efficient crews and shear big weeks

Charlie & Blousie put a lot of effort into running efficient crews which means Mackshearing is able to offer the most consistent work/hours for shearing in the North Island. Fact. Racking up plenty of hours is easy to do here. We also start early so we can all knock off early and relax in the arvo!


We'll pick you up from Auckland Airport!

At Mack we're family, and family picks family up from the airport! If you're flying in from overseas give Charlie a call on +64272511111 or hit us up on Facebook Messenger. ​One of our leaders will come and pick you up from Auckland Airport for the 3.5hr drive to Taumaranui.

Give us 1 weeks notice or you might need to get the bus!  www.intercity.co.nz

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We have outstanding accommodation at $17/night per head for couples & singles which includes:

  • top kitchen & dining facilities

  • top ablution areas

  • grinding room & hot water


Click here to see our bases

   Base 1: Taumaranui

   Base 2: Taihape

Your Pay

  • Once you've signed Contract + Tax Forms

  • You will get paid weekly, directly into your bank account on Wed night for last week's work (Mon-Sun)

  • See below for more detail (rates & entitlements)

Next Step

Call Charlie on 027 251 1111

Pay Rates & Entitlements

Base Pay Rates

  • Shearers = $2.09 per ewe + entitlements

  • Shed Staff = $19-28/hr + entitlements

  • prices valid until 31 March 2021

Staff Entitlements​​

All-Up rates are 19-26% on top of your weekly pay, depending on whether you're a Permanent, Fixed or Kiwi. 

  • Holiday Pay ~8%

  • Public Holidays ~4.32% (~11% over main shear)

  • Paid Rest Breaks ~4.167%

  • Kiwisaver 3%

           ==> All-Up looks like an extra 20-26% on top of base rate​

Woolhandler Premium

Woolhandler that can handle stands of shearers working 2:1 will get an additional +$3/hr (base rate).

All Up Rate

Kiwi's on our starting senior rates of $23/hr are effectively taking home $27.41/hr once all your entitlements are collected. 

Public Holidays - Are you getting yours? 

Most employees in the shearing industry are entitled to public holidays. Click here for more info (Employment NZ website)

Immigration NZ.png
  1. Apply online with Immigration NZ

    • If 1st time in NZ = Working Holiday Visa​

    • If returning = Seasonal Worker Visa

  2. If this fails, we can only help shearers​ 

    • If Shearer = Skills Shortage Visa​

    • If Other = Need to talk to Immigration NZ again or an Immigration consultant

  Call Charlie on 027 251 1111