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At Mackshearing, what's important to us is being the best place to work for staff, because we've found this delivers the most value to the Farmer.

We focus on 6 key areas to achieve this:

Safety First

We look after our crew so everyone goes home safe.

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We train our teams all year round.

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Fed well, work well. Pretty simple.

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Good safe vehicles.

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Great bases in both Taumarunui & Taihape.



We pay fairly and above NZSCA standard rates.

Client Care

What we can promise you

  • Good communication and planning allows us to be flexible with Farmers
  • The size and scope of our business lets us work around the rain (two bases)
  • Our Team Leaders lead
  • We deal with our mistakes
  • We'll always pick up the phone
Toyota Hilux
  • Our scheduling saves you money
  • We get there on time, with full bellies of food
  • We go hard and do FULL DAYS everyday
  • We do overtime if it looks like we can cut out
  • If we need to compensate, no problem.
Great Wall
  • What’s a schedule?
  • Turns up, hungover at 9am, nothing to eat
  • Does a FULL day every OTHER day
  • Knocks off when they feel like it
  • Cover up the mistakes and cut tits
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Call Charlie on 027 251 1111

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