We take injury prevention & rehabilitation seriously



  • Van Maintenance

    • Monthly tire checks by Paul's & Gregg's​.

  • Training

    • Safe use of Handpiece, Press, Hooks & Clips.​

  • Learners

    • Are 'Under Supervision' until skilled​​.

  • Woolshed Repairs

    • All repairs submitted by Team Leaders are tracked.

  • Injury Reporting & Hazard Identification

    • Cases monitored weekly by Management.​

  • Personal Protective Equipment

    • Earplugs & Googles are supplied​

  • Sick Staff are isolated

    • Simply can't have sick teams during main shear​.

  • Emergency Response Plans

    • Every minute counts in an Emergency. We're prepared.

  • Accommodation

    • Fire alarms checked regularly.



We've partnered with the ACC Guys. Meaning our workers always have an advocate to help them through their recovery.      

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The NZ Shearing Association deliver a fantastic course on shearing health & safety that teaches you how to stay safe in the woolshed. It is 100% online and awards you a NZ Certificate.

Sign up using:

     1. Region     =  Whanganui - Manawatu

     2. Employer =  Ewen Mackintosh

Once you've applied:

We approve 100% of our workers applications. So sit tight, you'll receive an email soon which will give you access to all the training videos and tests.

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