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Central Plataeu and Tongariro
Kiwi Sign and Tongariro

Best place to work

What you need to know
  • Bring your OWN CUP and TOWEL to work. 

  • Shearing starts ASAP once we arrive at the shed. 

  • We work to the Team Leader’s clock.

  • Cut-tits + hamstrings must be rattled and reported to the Team Leader.

  • Payday = Thursday

  • Staff are not to confront the farmer/client but to approach the Team Leader with any problems.

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Big hours = Big Pay

We run slick operation

Charlie & Blousie put a lot of effort into running efficient crews which means Mackshearing is able to offer the most consistent work/hours. Fact. Racking up 30 hours each week is easy to do here. We also start early so we can all knock off at 3pm and relax in the arvo. 

We're all about SAFE!
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Tahi Ngā Tahi - NZ Pro-tips on Shearing

The NZ Shearing Association deliver an awesome course which is 100% online and awards you a NZ Certificate.

FREE Online Qualification with Mackintosh

We're big on safety and we help everyone complete this course. There are some great tips in here for keeping physically fit and staying safe.

Complete the Course = Get a T-Shirt

Complete the Course before you arrive and we'll hook you up with a FREE MackShearing Singlet/T-Shirt from the merch cupboard.

Sign up at using:

     1. Region     = Whanganui

     2. Employer = Ewen Mackintosh

Coming from Overseas?
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We'll pick you up!

At Mack we're family, and family picks family up from the airport! If you're flying in from overseas give Charlie a call on +64272511111 or hit us up on Facebook Messenger. ​One of our leaders will come and pick you up from Auckland Airport for the 3.5hr drive to Taumaranui. 

Working at MSL

Getting Paid

NO PAY UNTIL you've signed a Payroll Pack.

Tues = Draft Payslip (reply to
Wed = Paid overnight (appears Thurs morning)

Accommodation & Food 

We have excellent accommodation across our two bases (Taumarunui & Taihape) with kitchen facilities and common rooms for fun!

FREE Breakfast - Served at 5am, Van's leaving 5:15am
FREE Lunch - Provided at shed during lunch break
*$13 Dinner - Served hot at 6pm on work days
*No Work = No Dinner = No Charge

Base Safety​ 

  • Stealing, vandalism & tagging is not tolerated at the bases or staff or client property and may result in dismissal. 

  • Staff are expected to show up ready for work. Meaning a condition that enables you to perform competently and safely.

  • No illegal Drug use. This is serious misconduct, anyone caught using illegal drugs may be dismissed. 

  • Alcohol is not to be consumed during work hours, we'll have a few when we get home.

  • Any employee suspected of being under the influence may be required to submit a breath test. 

  • Team leaders/Drivers are required to take a breath test every morning and PASS (blow less than 200mg/L of breath)

Please let us know at least a week or so in advance. Last minute options might have to be a InterCity Bus ($30 - $60)

Need a Visa?
Immigration NZ.png

This is your plan of attack:

  1. Apply online with Immigration NZ

    • If 1st time in NZ = Working Holiday Visa​

    • If returning = Seasonal Worker Visa

  2. If this fails, we can help Shearers​

    • If Shearer = Skills Shortage Visa​

    • If Other = Need to talk to Immigration NZ again or an Immigration consultant

Covid-19 Update - It is unlikely any foreigners will be able to get into New Zealand for maybe up to 18 months. Its evolving and we'll update our website when we know more.

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