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Accommodation = $17/day
We have excellent accommodation options at both of our bases. Most common type is dorm room style bunks but we'll try to give couples their own room with a double bed! We also have kitchen facilities to cook in and common spaces to hang out. 

Grinding Facilities Onsite

We have a grinding room at both bases.

FREE for staff to use.

Food & Transport = $13/day

  • FREE Breakfast: Served at 5am, Van's leaving 5:15am

  • FREE Lunch: Provided at shed during lunch break

  • *$13 Dinner: Served hot at 6pm on work days 

*working days only

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We run a slick operation, with slick systems

Charlie & Blousie put a lot of effort into running efficient crews which means Mackshearing is able to offer the most consistent work/hours for shearing in the North Island. Fact. Racking up 30 hours each week is easy to do here. We also start early so we can all knock off early and relax in the arvo!


We run two training courses every year:

1. First Timers - approx October 2020

2. Trainees and Intermediate skills - approx Jan 2021

Craig Crawshaw is back again this year to lead and will be helped by a couple of our own Leaders.


We'll pick you up from Auckland Airport!

At Mack we're family, and family picks family up from the airport! If you're flying in from overseas give Charlie a call on +64272511111 or hit us up on Facebook Messenger. ​One of our leaders will come and pick you up from Auckland Airport for the 3.5hr drive to Taumaranui.

Give us 1 weeks notice or you might need to get the bus!

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What you need to know:

  • Bring your own cup, towel & water bottle to work. 

  • Breakfast at 5am, Van's leave the Base at 5:15am.

  • Shearing starts ASAP once we arrive at the shed. 

  • We work to the Team Leader’s clock.

  • All cut tits/hamstrings must be rattled and reported to the Team Leader. It's OK, it happens, we just need to know so we can look after the farmer on his bill.  

  • Payday = Thursday


Everyone needs to sign:

Contract & Payroll Pack

Tues = Draft Payslip for prev. Mon-Sun
Thurs = Paid 

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Download Template MSL Contract here
Terms & Conditions
Health & Safety Download doc
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  1. Apply online with Immigration NZ

    • If 1st time in NZ = Working Holiday Visa​

    • If returning = Seasonal Worker Visa

  2. If this fails, we can only help shearers​ 

    • If Shearer = Skills Shortage Visa​

    • If Other = Need to talk to Immigration NZ again or an Immigration consultant

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